Living in a home with walls on three sides

This would never be possible in Dublin, Ireland. Not without being very, very cold that is. Our kitchen and living room are outdoors. Which has its advantages and downsides. Good air circulation is a major plus in this heat, but the insects are having a free for all. Maybe we’re more exposed to the passing carnivals, neighbours’ cooking smells and occasional loud music than we would like. Here’s (l to r) Ella, Luca, Rosa and Tana on the patio/lounge, after a swim. They like it.Image

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4 Responses to Living in a home with walls on three sides

  1. Hi Deirdre, Laura Kennedy from Tipperary/Jiquilillo here. Delighted to see the kids looking so happy, hope all has been going as smoothly as is possible here in Nicaragua for ye all. Dad just passed on blog link, he saw it in the IT. I’ve just had to come into Chinandega for the morning as my phone decided to die. A lovely 4 hour round trip on the chicken bus, I hope life is a little more comfortable in Granada. But on the plus side I have a chance to check my internet so managing to catch up on your life there. Feliz Navidad, I hope Santa Clausa finds you’re new address, no chimney necessary, just come in through the kitchen!

    • Hey Laura, good to hear from you. I think we’re on the soft option in comparison! We’re heading to Leon for five days at the end of the week, then on to Matagalpa til January 5th. You’re so far away it’s unlikely, but if you find yourself in Leon over the New Year, do get in touch. Meantime, have a great Christmas. Deirdre

      • Happy New Year, sounds like ye enjoyed the trip around, I love Leon, have already had a weekend there this trip and will head back at start of February to meet up with some friends again. Matagalpa is on the list for Semana Santa when it will be mobbed with locals here in Jiquilillo and a week long drinking session so I’ll be glad to escape the mayhem and enjoy the cooler climes of the mountains. Looking forward to hearing where ye find yourselves next. Laura

  2. Annette Egan says:

    Glad to see the Cullen family looking so well. Looks like ye are enjoying it. Luka seems to be in good hands. Hope ye had a lovely Christmas, ours was grand, Agnes and Annette.

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