Toasted laptop

Nicaragua is said to be the second safest country in The Americas (after Canada). Coincidentally or not,  it’s also the second poorest.

Though Granada seems a pretty relaxed place, I have taken care to stow away our few valuables when we’re out; after, the house is effectively outdoors. As part of our sophisticated security measures, I took to putting the laptop in a drawer under the oven.

Bad idea. The other day, Dee made cookies with the kids (sorry, biscuits) and only later did I find that the laptop got cooked too. This is how the keyboard looked:


I’ve had to strip off most of the melted keys but amazingly the laptop still works, even if there’s a weird spectral glow off the screen. I even managed to type this post with it – ever so painstakingly.

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6 Responses to Toasted laptop

  1. Noeleen says:

    So lovely to read the updates
    Spotted you guys in the Irish Times today
    Did the biscuits taste any different?
    Nollaig Shona to you, Paul and the kids xxx

  2. Lucy Cummins says:

    I also spotted you in Irish Times today, am so impressed that you uprooted yourselves to live in Nic for a while. What an experience for the children and a 4 month in tow, your both amazing, living the dream, enjoy, your inspirational. Am amazed laptop working. Happy Christmas and I will follow your posts, look forward to more of them. Lucy

  3. Deirbhile Kinsella says:

    Hello Paul, Deirdre & girls, Happy Christmas from Deirbhile. Ella Mae Im amazed by you attending school after four days!!!! Looking forward to reading about your updates online. Can’t wait to see you in March. Happy Christmas again love Deirbhile

  4. Hey Ella,first of all tots lolers!(not that I talk like that now)how did the biscuits taste -Emma

    Sorry it was short

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