A new start

A new start

When I first came here, I thought it would be school-free, all except for a bit of home-schooling. But I was wrong. I mean, how do you think I became a student at a public school on the fourth day of our time here. OK, so here it goes…

My mam and dad happened to mention to the woman renting our house that they would love us to attend school here. As it happened, she and some other parents had set up a school in Granada because she wanted a good education for her children. She said it would be no problem for us to attend and so it was arranged the next day.

On the first day at the school, Sacuanjoche (which is also the national flower of Nicaragua), I wrote in my diary: “First day at Sacuanjoche. Met all of the grade teachers who are called Ms Lauren, Ms Laura and Mr Manuel”. We were at the school for just a couple of weeks, when all too soon, it was the Christmas break.

We met lots of kids of our own age at the school. In third grade are Diego and Moises, in second grade Anthony, Vilheanea, Nikolai, Sophia, Solen and Litzy. And then in first grade Sasha, Abbey, Chilo, Declan, Jade and Nadia.

Lessons at the school are in Spanish and English. So, what other differences are there between Sacjuanjoche and my school in Ireland? There are fewer students, they serve lunch in school and there are more subjects…

I really felt part of it and I am looking forward to going back there in January.

Ella, aged 9.

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7 Responses to A new start

  1. Hugh says:

    Hey guys, my name is Hugh, I’m the Irish kid who was building the wall in Gigante. We finally opened for the first time yesterday, it was a lot of fun, if you’re ever back in town please visit, we’ll spoil you. We’ve been writing a blog about the experience, you may enjoy it: http://papagayosnicaragua.blogspot.com/

    I would love to write an article about what we’re doing, if you have any advice at all about how I could do that, it would be hugely appreciated. My Ma skyped me on Christmas day and was talking about an Irish family who moved to Nicaragua, she had read about it in the Irish Times. I thought: “Hum, that sounds familiar.” Anyway, it was nice meeting you guys, hope your adventure is going well.

  2. tara faughnan says:

    Hi, Ella,Tana,Rosa and Luca!
    i saw the picture with your school and i really liked it
    The weather here is horrible – wind,rain,storms and unfortunately no snow!
    i hope you had a lovely christmas in your three walled house!
    see ya from Tara xxxxx

  3. Ronan Faughnan says:

    hi guys
    i just wanted to say that i liked all the photos you posted. but my favourite was the toasted laptop !
    M. Martina has finished farmer boy (poor you,missing the end) and has just started reading black beauty! you also missed fractions but i’m sure you are not as sad about that as you are about farmer boy though !what do you like about your school that ours doesn’t have?
    see you soon,

  4. Freya says:

    Hi Ella,
    I wrote you a letter that I hope you get soon.I also got your letter and replied to it.We raffled Farmer Boy and I got it!! I saw all your pictures and it looks great I see you got a bob- it really suits you! I am really looking forward to hearing from you.


  5. NEASA says:

    hi guys
    I love tana s big smile in in the school picture.So I hope your haveing a lovely time . I am really happy for you that you made new friends and you are speaking Spanish.
    People say in dublin it is going to snow . I have not written much but I will always be here for you.

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