Christmas Day, 5,132 miles from home

The big people were contemplating spending Christmas away from home for the first time in their lives, but others had more pressing issues. Even though you could drop an articulated lorry through the hole in our roof this year, some of the group expressed doubts about whether Santa would be able to find them so far from home. When Santa’s modest deposits were found to have arrived safely on Christmas morning one was heard to say with audible relief: “I love my Santa presents. Now that we know he can find us, we can come here every Christmas.”

We enjoyed comparing last freezing Christmas, when we all became ill, with this one. It was spectacularly good not to be assembling a multi-part Christmas dinner, trying to remember not to leave any of the elements in the oven/fridge.

It was fun to amble through the quiet city streets on a warm, bright Christmas morning. It was great fun spending the day at the Laguna Apoyo, swimming, messing about with water gear, enjoying the barbecue and sunning ourselves.

It was not fun being the only people left behind by the shuttle bus to the lagoon, as adult backpackers elbowed us out of the way to ensure they all got on. We could almost feel them willing the bus to leave as the issue emerged and we were about to be left fuming on the side of the road. Never mind, when we finally did get to the resort, we were able to glower at the same backpackers from the high moral ground. Which is always better.

It was sortof fun having ourselves and our Christmas dinner rained upon mid-mouthful in the restaurant back in town later.

A round of ice-creams were bought to finish off our stripped-down, far-from-home Christmas Day. To their parents’ relief, the little ones gave a resounding thumbs-up to the experience. Most satisfying of all was seeing the children really engage with their few, simple gifts, instead of being distracted by multiple, complex gadgets.


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5 Responses to Christmas Day, 5,132 miles from home

  1. Maire says:

    Well there you all are out there on a big adventure, maybe the adventure of a life time all together and it sounds like you are thoroughly enjoying yourselves. Good for you. Yes you have been lucky to miss the flu big time, howling winds and rain but hey that’s this part of the world for you and I bet eventually you will welcome its return! Arrived into Ireland to mothers lung infection, followed by Rita starting flu symptoms on Christmas Day hence been banished to Terry’s and confined to bed due I might add having been made so weak by the virulent bug had no strength to stand up at all. We saw her again on the 27th although we did pass soup through a small slit at the front door just to show concern! Funny it was not as on the evening of the 27th Maire was struck with the dreaded bug, smirk on the other side of the face now! I could not raise myself from the bed until Sunday morning for my flight. Just made it to the awaiting car to lie prostrate on the back seats all the way home and have been in that position ever since. Hey but less of our exciting news we just want to wish you a continued wonderful time and take good care. Love from all, Maire xx and thanks for your card.

  2. paul g says:

    a few things you’ll be missing on out on a v. quiet new years day in dub:-

    1. wind-widespread, rain-continual, roof-leaky. flooding -general. you wouldn’t put a dog out…etc
    2. a day for the flicks. anchorman 2 at swan at 16.50. kids just now getting out of bed. it’s 1344;
    3. tasty deserts at eavans last night; 2* chocolate, 1* meringue. took some home. yum. yum
    4. xmas leftovers, still lurking unwanted in fridge. last bit of turkey. anyone?
    5. the irish times. where is it? not delivered or not published today. an unhappy start to 2014!


    6. pint with me & other pauls. tomorrow eve.

    so business as usual here.

    hope its all going well there.

    great dress ella!

  3. Louise Mullen says:

    Happy New Year to you all! We miss you here in Ireland but what a great adventure you are having. Lovely to spend Christmas in a different way and make memories that can be taken out and enjoyed to last a lifetime. Best wishes. Louise, Marcus and family.

  4. Kieran Garry says:

    What an exciting time you guys are having! Butterflies to baseball and pony trekking to barbecues…….even school seems exciting. Nice post Ella! Mainly storms here – kind of exciting too but not in a fun way! I love the pic of you guys in the sunshine beside the Christmas tree. Also on the ponies. Watch out, the Cullen gang are in town! Looking forward to next post. Hugs and watch the bugs! Kxxx

  5. NEASA says:

    We love your dresses . I especially like yours Ella

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