Is this burger a vegetarian and other unanswerable questions

Is this burger a vegetarian and other unanswerable questions

We have started a compendium of questions for which there is no answer, several dozen of which we are asked every day by the children. The recent car rental was a perfect forum for the interrogators to really get stuck in. Questions range from the innocent to the perplexing. Here’s a flavour:

Q: “When are we there?”
A: “We’re on a dirt road shortcut, with no map worth talking about and no idea when the paved road will re-start, so no, no idea when we will be there. Maybe you want to work on your grammar meantime.”

Q: “How do you say pinkie in Spanish?” Eh.

Q: “Why do we need petrol?” Okay, okay, it’s a good question, but have you ever tried to explain the workings of the internal combustion engine?

Q: “Where is the ice cream shop in this town?”
A: “We just got here, how should I know?”

Q: “Why is it only adults can drink wine?”

Q: “Are geese vegetarians?” (This was in search of reassurance, after they had been chased by a noisy gaggle, who thought they had food up their sleeves. Pictured above are selfsame geese, enjoying the previous night’s (pescatarian) pizza.

Q: “Why is it so hot in this town?”

Q: “Why is it so cold and rainy on this mountain?”

Q: “Is there wifi outside in the air?”

Q: “Do nachos come from cows?”

Q: “Is this beefburger a vegetarian?” (You’ll notice a recurring theme here)

Q: “When are we there?” Indeed.

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One Response to Is this burger a vegetarian and other unanswerable questions

  1. Edward Flynn says:

    Am I jealous? After weeks of searching via google and other search engines I find you in the jungles of Nicaragua. Thanks to MOH. There used to be a guy called Ernesto Cardenal, lived on Solentiname island with a christian community, any word of him. Great to see the blog and enjoy the trip. Best wishes and Happy New Year with thousands of questions. Edward

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