A taste of the good life – without the digging

A taste of the good life - without the digging

In our new place, back in Nicaragua, we thought it would be nice to go out for dinner last evening. So we stepped out the door of our casita, scissors in hand, and gathered some black and yellow aubergines, tomatoes and basil for melanzane alla parmigiana, with potatoes and rosemary as a side and salad leaves including butterhead and curly lettuce, red chard and rocket, or arugula, as they say in these parts. Within an hour, we had picked, cooked and served our meal. We savoured every mouthful, the taste enhanced by the micro distance from farm to fork.

For now, we leave the other garden produce undisturbed. The trees are heavy with avocadoes and oranges, in season now, while carrots, beans and yucca are waiting to be picked. Broccoli and peppers are just starting to ripen. Meanwhile, all around are the ubiquitous banana and platano trees, which fruit so generously here.

Luca checking the ripeness of an orange

Luca checking the ripeness of an orange

We have somehow landed our own finca, or farm for a week here at La Concepcion, around 30 minutes from Managua. This is accommodation attached to the Mariposa language school, in fact the owner’s home, as we needed a bit more space than most guests.

We are appreciative squatters though, awed by the weather, soil and hard work that goes into producing such a rich and diverse range of fruit and vegetables. If we learn no Spanish this week, the trip back across the border from Costa Rica will have been worth it for the privilege alone of living on such a fruitful farm.

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4 Responses to A taste of the good life – without the digging

  1. Annette says:

    Hi guys, Luca is changing so much already, he has Rosa’s eyes! Good to hear ye are getting on well, all grand here in Dublin. Annette

  2. Welcome back to Nicaragua. Thanks for the offer of bringing stuff home, truth be told I’ll be dumping most stuff before I leave, 6 months of hand washing my clothes day in day out is taking its toll. Will mean there’ll be plenty of room in the bag for bags and bags of coffee! Hope the Spanish is coming on steadily. Enjoy all the delicious fresh fruit and veg, and the last leg of your adventure.

  3. Hilary and Sophie says:

    Hi guys I miss you so much. I wish the time with you was longer. Anyway you are probably interested on how the project got on. It went really well ,and Tana and Rosa I said that you two helped with the project so now everybody thinks you are superstars. Ella don’t worry I haven’t forgotten about you. Since I mentioned you so much in the travel journal and the project my whole class probably feel like they know you.
    Ella,Rosa and Tana do you remember Sophie my friend, from when her and I went down to Waterford together. You probably don’t but she is going to write a little message anyway.

    Hi guys hope you are having a very good time in Nicaragua and I heard all about Costa Rica from Hilary. From Sophie.

  4. Shirley Dalton says:

    Hi there!!

    We love reading about all your adventures, so tempted to try something similar ourselves. Enid got Rosa’s postcard the other day and sat in the corner of the kitchen reading it over and over. Luca looks gorgeous, cant wait for a cuddle.

    Shirley & Nathan

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