El fin

On Mombacho volcano, near Granada

On Mombacho volcano, near Granada

All things must pass, even our family sabbatical. No-one wanted to go home, but home we went anyway.

After 130 days in Central America, we boarded a plane from San Jose to Atlanta, where we passed a night en route back to Ireland. The temperature plunged almost 30 degrees in a day, forcing us to don shoes for the first time in months, not to mention every layer of clothing we could find. A day
later, and we emerged from the plane into a cold, grey Dublin dawn.

We vowed to sign off this blog with a valedictory post, but the demands of life, school, work and all that we had escaped took over quickly and we didn’t get around to writing it until now. So apologies if you’ve been waiting with bated breath this past month for our parting words.

We had a great time. We broadened our horizons, met good people, had many great experiences and we were lucky enough to stay safe. We all grew, not just little Luca.

Ella, Rosa and Tana sampling the finest frozen foods

Ella, Rosa and Tana sampling the finest frozen foods

We asked everyone in the group to name their highlight and here’s what they said:

Rosa: Being on holiday with my family.

Ella: Making so many new friends, both adults and children. And growing to like so many fruits that I thought I couldn’t stand, especially mango.

Tana: Eating ice cream before it melted and going on a canopy tour.

Luca: Generally being *El Jefe*

Paul: The sense of heat and warmth that I’ll never forget and the fact that so many people we ran into in Nicaragua had such interesting back-stories.

Deirdre: Being the only person to fly upside down on the canopy tour and finding we occasionally we had time to sit and think.

We’ve written an article our journey for The Irish Times, if you’d like to read it.

Many people have said they would love to do something similar, but
would never be able to. If our experience shows anything, it is that
anyone, regardless of age or family size, is capable of doing what we did.
Best of luck with your own travels.

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